Monday, October 25, 2010


With the support of Victoria Police and VicRoads about 100 residents successfully blocked the intersection of Moore and Hopkins Street, Footscray. The protesters demanded action on the out of control truck traffic through the residential area.

The blockade lasted about fifteen minutes in which the protesters demanded immediate night and weekend curfews, 50kph speed limits and the banning of air horns and engine brakes.
Families, the elderly, children and babies in prams attended the protest.

The Government now has to take the resident’s concerns seriously and be prepared to respond.

Less Trucks For Moore is willing to work with all interested parties to seek a prompt resolution on this critical community issue. Less Trucks For Moore reserves the right to use public demonstrations in the future, if there is not a satisfactory response from the Government.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


On 13 October 2010, residents and local representatives joined together to call for immediate action on the trucks plaguing Moore Street and surrounding areas.

At the first community meeting of Less Trucks For Moore, the crowded room unanimously endorsed the planned Protest blockade of Moore Street on 26 October at 8am.

Full support was given for Less Trucks For Moore’s demands for:
·        7pm to 7am night curfews
·        24 hour weekend curfews
·        50 kph speed limits
·        EPA tests of air quality for Moore and Buckley Streets

The Maribyrnong Truck Action Group brought its experience and insight and stressed the importance of the blockade to send a peaceful but strong message to the State Government.

The meeting was also attended by councillors from the Maribyrnong City Council, VicRoads and Footscray candidates Ken Betts, Janet Rice, Marsha Thomson and Catherine Cumming.

The Protest will be a family friendly event with the support of Victoria Police and VicRoads.

Less Trucks For Moore invites members of the community to bring their children, friends and family and make their voices heard on the corner of Moore and Hopkins Streets, on Tuesday 26 October 2010.