Monday, August 29, 2011

Westgate Ramps Coalition

Moore and Buckley Streets need an alternative route for trucks.
The truckies need an alternative too.

While this is not a perfect solution, it should minimise the number of trucks that use Footscray to get to and from the port. In particular at nights and over the weekend.
Currently, VicRoads' argument is that the trucks do not have other options available to get to the port.

If built, the ramps will effectively be a more direct route to connect the Westgate freeway and the Port, bypassing Yarraville. As this route would be used by trucks 24/7, this should have an immediate impact to reduce the number of trucks in Footscray.
The Westgate tunnel costs about 5 billion so realistically we don't know if it will ever be built. The current government has everything under review, so this is a good time to put pressure on them.
This is a new approach, and the way we see it, it is only the beginning. While the Ramps Coalition's purpose is to get the Baillieu's Government to get on with the truck action plan, the real purpose is to work together with all interested parties to find a solution for the truck problem in the inner west.

Diesel is bad for our families, but the worst affected are the truckies themselves. The highest accumulation of diesel fumes is inside their cabins.
In the US the diesel and truck problem only started to become evident once community groups, the unions and others got together. Even the fire-fighters joined in.

We need you! so come to our Rally!

Join our first Community Rally with the Westgate Ramps Coalition.

When: 11am, Sunday 18 September 2011.

Where: Yarraville Gardens, Corner Hyde Street and Somerville Road.

CAN YOU DO SOME LETTER-BOXING to spread the word and make the event a success? Let us know.

The Westgate Ramps Coalition includes:
Less Trucks For Moore
City of Maribyrnong
Freight Industry Representatives
Yarraville Community Centre
Labor Party
The Greens
Paul Delutis/ De Group - Bradmill site developers
And more...